Cannabis Is Curing Stomach And Bowel Diseases Considered Incurable By Modern Medicine


By Dr. Heather Morris

A Studies and empirical evidence show that cannabis can cure several stomach and bowel diseases considered incurable by modern medicine.

A doctor who can’t recommend you marijuana might tell you your stomach or bowel disease is incurable. However, studies and empirical evidence show that cannabis can cure several stomach and bowel diseases considered incurable by modern medicine.

New research suggests that cannabis could be the cure for Crohn’s and other bowel diseases.

Image result for Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is when the immune system begins to attack epithelial cells in the small intestine after gluten consumption.

When this happens, an individual may experience pain or an inability to absorb nutrients.

In the long term, people with celiac disease are more prone to diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and cancer.

Research shows cannabinoid receptors can heal damage to the intestinal lining from celiac disease.

Through observation, researchers noticed CB2 receptors were stressed in the lower intestine of those with celiac.

Scientists suggest targeting CB2 receptors in patients with celiac disease.

Patients have reported relief and sometimes a complete cure of celiac disease after treatment with medical marijuana.

“After only six months of using cannabis, my disease was essentially non-existent,” Mathew Distefano wrote for Relief.

“I was hoping for just a relief from my persistent symptoms. In addition to my endoscopy results, my anemia, protein deficiency, calcium deficiency, and iron deficiency had all vanished.

Leaky Gut Disease

Joe Cohen, D.O., director of the Holos Health Center in Boulder, Colorado claims cannabis can cure “leaky gut” disease.

Leaky gut happens in those with gluten sensitivity similar to celiac disease.

The excess gluten creates a substance called zonulin that removes the “grout” that binds the cells together in a gut.

As a result, there is a space between cells where food particles can leak through.

This allows undigested food particles to enter the bloodstream and create infections that can lead to something fatal like sepsis.

Modern medicine and antibiotics do not heal the gut and can make things worse.

On the other hand, cannabis can help heal the gut and cure an individual of their leaky gut.

Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s is an inflammatory bowels disease considered incurable by mainstream medicine.

The disease directly affects the lining of the digestive tract resulting in pain, diarrhea, weight loss, anemia, and fatigue.

On the bright side, cannabis can help with all of these symptoms.

Patients like Fatin Pheonix Ward had relief after just three days of taking CBD.

Before using marijuana, Ward was on steroids and cortisone which did nothing to help her swollen colon but came with side effects.

So, modern medicine made her condition worse, leading her to seek alternative treatment.

Ward’s symptoms continued to be relieved. She kept using cannabis, and after six months she was free of Crohn’s.

She continues to use marijuana and has had no outbreaks ever since. Her colonoscopy showed her colon wall had been completely healed.

Final Hit

Modern medicine is allowing patients to suffer when the cure for many of these diseases is right under their nose.

Patients in states with medical marijuana may be seeing relief, but there are plenty of other with no access to the only medicine that can cure their disease.