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We asked a vet: what’s the deal with CBD for dogs?

Brett Hartmann gives his dogs Cayley, a six-year-old-Labrador Retriever drops of a cannabis based medicinal tincture to treat hip pain and anxiety, June 8,...

Everything you need to know about CBD for cats

You’ve heard of CBD for dogs, but what about CBD for cats? Our feline friends can benefit from the healing powers of CBD just...

CBD Oil for Fibromyalgia & Endocannabinoid System Deficiency

Ever since the story of Charlotte Figi took the world by storm, the medical benefits of Cannabis and Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) products have become a major...

CBD, The Super-Popular Cannabis Compound, Explained

CBD is everywhere. But is it a scam? The coffee shop in my Brooklyn neighborhood has a chalkboard outside. It usually reads something like, “Our...

Medical Marijuana And Liver Disease: What Science Says Is Possible

Liver disease occurs when the liver experiences a high amount of tissue scarring. This is typically a direct result of constant inflammation and the...

Can CBD Kill The Bacteria That Causes Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease affects more people in the US than HIV and breast cancer combined. It is so underreported, underdiagnosed and misdiagnosed that most Americans do not realize that...

CBD vs. THC: The Difference Between The Two Cannabinoids

THC and CBD are the most well-known and sought-after chemicals produced by the cannabis plant. But in the battle of CBD vs THC, who comes out on top?...

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil as a treatment for brain tumours

A research paper reporting a series of case studies of cancer patients, including a few brain tumour patients, has just been published. Dr Julian...

Big Pharma Will Now Hold Patent for CBD/THC Cancer Treatment

It’s hard to believe that Big Pharma is the one making the most progress in proving that cannabis works! Well, maybe not so much...

Henry Ford Invented a Hemp Car that ran on Hemp Fuel...

Ask anyone passionate about the benefits of hemp, and they will tell you about the hemp car produced by Henry Ford in 1941. According to...

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