The Pineapple & Cucumber Juice: Cleanses the Colon & Helps Lose Weight in 7 Days


As a result of the excessive intake of junk, processed, and fried foods and because of our exposure to toxins from the air and chemical products (as well as due to the stress) we are at a higher risk of numerous health-related complications. This includes more serious diseases such as cancer, heart illness, diabetes, and so on.

According to Love This Pic, to expel these toxins from our body and better our health, it is essential that we perform regular detoxification with the right methods. This will detoxify the colon and remove surplus waste from the intestines too. When the colon is free of chemicals, you will experience and feeling of lightness and a better digestion. Also, you will feel more energetic and lower unhealthy cravings.

This being said, in this article, we will present a very potent, yet simple DIY juice with all-natural ingredients that can help you cleanse the body from all toxins.

Pineapple & Cucumber DIY Juice

You will need:

A green or red apple

Juice from one orange

½ an aloe vera leaf

½ a cucumber

A pineapple slice

Preparation: Rinse the cucumber and then slice it. Do the same with the apple too. Then, split the aloe vera leaf into two and squeeze out the gel from one half. Now, put all of the other ingredients in the blender and add one glass of water and the orange juice too.

Use: Consume the juice twice per day- once in the morning before breakfast and the other one in the afternoon.

The Health Benefits of the Ingredients

  1. Pineapple has the power to cleanse the whole body because it is abundant in bromelain, a potent digestive enzyme. This enzyme can better the digestion of protein, the breaking down of fats, and the reduction of inflammation.
  2. Apples contain pectin which removes the additives and metals from the body and they also contain phytochemicals that are beneficial for the cleansing of the body.
  3. Aloe vera is abundant in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants- nutrients that our liver, kidneys, and other detox organs require for proper functioning.
  4. Oranges are rich in vitamin C, one of the best detox vitamins. Also, its enzymes help cleanse the digestive tract and liver from harmful substances.
  5. Cucumbers are good for the digestive tract and may also aid in detoxifying the liver by eliminating surplus toxins from the gut and blood.