Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Before Bed Can Change Your Life


If you want to ease your daily life, you should definitely start using apple cider vinegar because it has so many beneficial properties and uses. You will be amazed after you learn these 22 uses!

22 Amazing Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar

  1. Removes unpleasant foot odour

Soak the feet in a mixture of ACV and warm water for 10 minutes.

2.Prolong the freshness of cut fruits

To avert a fruit from going brown, apply several drops of ACV onto the exposed part.

3.Clean the house

Since it possesses strong antimicrobial characteristics, ACV can be a natural cleaning product for different surfaces in your home.

4.Get rid of fruit flies

Pour some ACV in a glass jar and seal it with a wrap into which you will poke several tiny holes. Leave it on the kitchen counter. Flies will be attracted by the scent and get trapped into the jar.

5.Remove fleas from your pet

Mix equal amounts of ACV and water in a sprayer and spray your pet with the solution.

6.Clean fruits and vegetables

To make sure you are eating pesticide-free fruits and veggies, fill the sink with water and add some ACV and then soak the produce for half an hour and then rinse and store them properly.

7.Instant locks

After shampooing the hair, rinse it with a tbsp of ACV and a cup of water for a curly, shiny, and glowing hair.

8.Whitens the teeth

To make your own, natural mouthwash, mix a tsp of ACV and ½ glass of water and swish it in the mouth for 5 minute and then spit out the content and rinse the mouth.

9.Make meat tastier

To make meat tender and even tastier, add a tsp or two of ACV in marinades.

10.Enhances the digestion

Before meals, drink a tsp of ACV and a glass of water.

11.Triggers weight loss

According to a study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, daily consumption of ACV can help you lose weight.

12.Balances the sugar levels

Before bed, type 2 diabetes sufferers should consume 2 tbsp of ACV to decrease the blood sugar levels.

13.Treat sore throat

The antibacterial characteristics of ACV are highly effective against sore throat. Mix a tbsp of ACV and a glass of water and use it to gargle with it several times per day.

14.Prevent acid reflux

ACV has the power to elevate the production of digestive juices, which results in a better digestion and smaller chance of acid reflux.

15.Lower sugar cravings

Drink a mixture of one glass of water and a tsp of ACV.

16.Good for the heart

The polyphenols in ACV can decrease the amount of bad cholesterol and thus, avert cardiovascular illnesses.

17.Cleanses the body

To remove toxins from the body and improve the functioning of the internal organs, consume a tbsp of ACV daily.

18.Boosts bone broths

For an even better taste, add some ACV to bone broths to pull out crucial minerals from the bones.

19.Great for salad dressings

For healthy and delicious salad dressings, mix some ACV, virgin olive oil, and dried herbs.

20.Alleviate sunburns

Soak in warm bathwater mixed with a cup of ACV for half an hour.

21.Restores the glow of the skin

Wash your face with lukewarm water mixed with some ACV.

22.Make your own deodorant

Instead of using store-bought deodorants which contain a lot of dangerous chemicals, apply some ACV onto the armpits and you are ready to go.

Source: https://bestfolkmedicine.com