“If I Didn’t Start Cannabis Oil, Cancer Would Have Me Dead Today.”


On July 2, 2014 I was awakened by a bad headache behind my right eye. I went to the Emergency; blood pressure was 240 over 190. They let me go home, didn’t really do anything except advise me to go to my doctor.

The next week, the same thing happens. I was told then my PSA for prostate was high and to go have it checked. Went to the Dr. had a biopsy on it. Out of 12 samples, 6 were cancerous. I was told not to worry and was sent for an X-ray. Well, they found a tumor at the top of my adrenal gland.

Now, I’m freaking out.

I go for a pre-op scan to assess how bad it is. Go to get the results and they say, “Sorry, it appears to have also spread to your lungs.”

I’m thinking that my life is over.

I have the kidney taken out in September then start chemo pills: four per day. Damn, didn’t take long to find myself on the way down. I lost 50 pounds in 6 weeks, couldn’t hold anything down. I couldn’t stay awake for more than 2 hours per day.

My wife decided I couldn’t keep going like this. And my grand boys say, “Pops, you got to try the marijuana. It helps everything.” My wife gets on the internet and researches and finds out about this Rick Simpson Oil. That’s what I decide to use.

Early 2015, I am only taking one chemo pill plus the oil. Then we decide to stop taking the chemo pill because I’m feeling better. In January 2016, I have the scan done and the cancer had stopped. I told my oncologist that I wasn’t taking chemo anymore. He was adamant that the cannabis wasn’t doing anything and then walked out on me (I don’t see him anymore).

I have been taking black RSO every night every since. On this past December 15th (2017) I went for a full body scan and I AM CANCER FREE!!

I believe if I didn’t get on the oil, I would be dead today.