Abuse, ADHD, Chronic Pain, and Repeated Concussions Sent Me Down a Path of Self-Destruction


The future is looking brighter for having the human right to be able to choose which healing path my mind, body and soul need.

I was sexually abused when I was 8 or 9 years old. This event planted a “mind virus” that has infected every aspect of my self worth, relationships, and mental stability.

Since early childhood, I have struggled with focus. I still suffer from ADHD. Historically, teachers and employers would challenge why I was struggling with sitting still and remaining attentive. I always had an anger seething beneath the surface that I felt helpless to control or make go away.

Physical problems manifested as I played competitive sports, with a string of accidents and injuries. I fractured twelve bones, recovered from 12 head injuries and had over 100 stitches and four surgeries before I was 23 years old.  I’ve always thought that being an athlete with ADHD  naturally led to an injury-prone life.

Twenty years later I was semi-living/mostly dying as a full blown alcoholic/drug addict. I lived in chronic physical pain and mental anguish from trying to deal with my neurosis…or avoid it at that point in my life.
After suffering what doctors called a ‘TIA stroke,’ I was hospitalized. I saw a myriad of doctors & specialists that were able to connect the dots with my physical and mental illnesses. I was given pharmaceutical drugs just as I was given candy as a child; a guinea pig, troubleshooting manic experiences throughout a pill haze.
I am truly grateful to be able to have the options I have being a Canadian citizen and fortunate for free health care.  I believe pharmaceutical drugs have done great things and continue to do for many people, but for me today, it seems that handing out pills as though they are candy is the solution of a narrow-minded medical system
Being openminded to the miracle and benefits of medicinal cannabis has truly changed my life. It gave me an option to choose a healthy road to have complete wellness: mind, body and soul.
I have been monitored by a neurologist for 3 years now and a neuropsychiatric for over a year. Everyday I get better.

Today, I carry the simple lesson that taking a couple drops of CBD oil gives me the same (and sometimes a lot better) effect without the struggle of side effects that the pills were giving me.  CBD has helped me focus and live in the moment, has slowed the stream of thoughts racing through my mind, helped with pain, and brought my spirits up out of depression.

I have been very aware of the doses I take and what time of the day I take them:
25.78% CBD 1.98% THC in the morning;
A dose the size of a grain of rice of 65% CBD 12% THC for bed;
26% CBD and 9% THC during the day.
I ground through a stage of trouble-shooting the right dose and the proper percentages of THC and more importantly, for me at least, CBD. It was no different from going through the mandatory three months of trying pills before you would know if they were working properly.
Medicinal cannabis has been paramount in my recovery and return to wellness. The future is looking brighter for having the human right to be able to choose which healing path my mind, body and soul need.