A 36 Year Old Man Was On His Deathbed With Lung Disease – This Is What Happened When He Used Cannabis Oil


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease or COPD is a type of condition that affects the lungs and airways.

It describes other different conditions like chronic bronchitis, emphysema and bronchiectasis. What is so worrying about this condition, is that our medical community has yet to come to grips with it. It causes so much anxiety because these are progressive diseases that become much worse over time, and become life-threatening. It is a shocking fact, and COPD is found to kill more people than any other disease. 

Illnesses that are labelled under COPD are diseases that put pressure and prevent air from traveling in airways. With that, your lungs can’t function the way they should and lose elasticity, making it harder for you to breathe.

5 Common Symptoms of COPD

1. Becoming out of breath after the minimum of exertion.

2. Suffering increased amounts of sputum.

3. Tightness in the chest.

4. Pain and difficulty drawing breath.

5. Suffering frequent bouts of fatigue.

Medical Science Continues to Search For An Effective Treatment

When in the last stage of COPD, patients need to have a supply of oxygen around them at all times. The medications given to COPD sufferers have adverse side effects that contribute to more problems, While thats happening, medical science is researching new effective treatment options.

People Are Turning To Medical Cannabis in Desperation

Many who suffer from COPD become so exhausted and fed up with the issues behind conventional medicine, that they have desperately turned to medical marijuana. With that, medical cannabis is said to help relieve symptoms without any harsh side effects. Even though smoking cannabis is avoided for reasons, many people who have COPD claim that vaping (slang fro utilizing a vaporizer to inhale cannabis) aids in coping with symptoms without causing any inflammation.

Best Results Come From Ingesting Medical Cannabis Oil Extract

Effective results come from consuming cannabis in the form of concentrated oil extract. Rick Simpson, developed this in Canada, and its now being used across Eastern Europe. Even in the U.S. (those who live in legalized cannabis states) have taught themselves to make the oil.

There are a lot of people who believe cannabis can aid in alleviating a multitude of conditions and diseases like:


Chronic epilepsy

Crohn’s disease


Multiple sclerosis


Cannabis treatments provide relief to many who suffer from severe diseases, where conventional medicine is useless, and causes more issues. There are increasingly more sufferers from COPD who are experimenting with cannabis treatment and taking in benefits. This who are in later stages of the condition are seeing improvements and even in those who have emphysema.

The Real Life Experience of Jeff Waters

The story of Jeff Waters provides an example of how cannabis can help COPD. It was 8 years after Jeff was diagnosed with COPD, that h was forced to go in the ER from a bout of severe bronchitis. It was found in his lungs that some scar tissue resided and he received a diagnosis of stage 2 COPD.

Medical practitioners had prescribed many conventional drugs, and warning him to be aware that his condition will deteriorate and be life-threatening. His condition became worse over time to the point where he could not climb the stairs.

It was stage 3 where he had to carry around an oxygen tank with him. Jeff even had trouble shaving and showering as he would need oxygen readily available.

The Turning Point

Jeff ended up contracting severe pneumonia, and on life support. He suffered a severe allergic reaction form a medication prescribed to him for hypertension, When he recovered, he decided to try out medical cannabis.

Jeff Was Recommended To Use Cannabis Oil

Jeff spoke with other COPD sufferers online and they had encouraged him to try out medical cannabis, and through these people, he found a reliable source of advice. After purchasing and consuming the oil for two months, Jeff was able to live without any medication, and went without his oxygen tank.

He is now able to walk 2-5 miles a day, and now is vocal about his success story with cannabis oil. It gave him back his life.