Study Shows Females Who use Cannabis Have Higher IQ’s Than Those Who Don’t.


A study conducted by Science Daily illustrates what many cannabis consumers have known for some time: cannabis is the herb of the wise.


Researchers followed approximately 8,000 girls and women, aged 5 to 30.

Their IQ’s were tested twice during childhood. When the women were ages 16 and 30, they were asked if they had used cannabis within the last year. Women who had high IQ’s at age 5, were approximately 50% more like to get high than other women at age 30.


The researchers weren’t sure why women with higher IQ’s were more likely to consume cannabis. They cited previous studies that illustrated that people who have higher intelligence are more open to new experiences and desire variety and stimulation.


It was also noted that children with high IQ’s were more likely to get bored or be bullied and mistreated at school. It would be logical to reason that kids who find themselves in either of those situations might be more prone to experiment with drugs as an escape or coping strategy.


While there isn’t currently an ironclad link, there does seem to be a connection between high childhood IQ and cannabis consumption in adulthood.