Retired Chief of a Pharmacy said: “The World needs to Know, That Alkaline Water Kills Cancer”… Here is How to Prepare it



The people suffer from many diseases which require a certain treatment. There are some treatments that are effective and cheap but the doctors and the producers of medicines are trying to keep them confidential.

In this article we would like to point some benefits of drinking alkaline water. This is a very beneficial way to decrease the free radical in the organism and stop some invasive disease like for example – cancer.

Moreover, this knowledge was released by an ex pharmacist. He has revealed much secret information which he learned while he was working as a pharmacist. All this secrets were not known by the public. Actually, this pharmacist has revealed the proper technique how to prepare and how to consume alkaline water.

Beneficial properties of alkaline water in your organism

This water is a really powerful antioxidant. It is purifying the organism of the toxins. The consumption of alkaline water strengthens the immune system and it is also eliminating the acids.

Actually, the acids make you feel tired, make you have a bad digestion, they are also increasing your weight thus you are more prone to diseases.

These negative effects can be avoided thanks to the alkaline water. You should also eat vegetable in order to balance the level of alkaline and the acid in the organism. The food that we eat determines the pH in the organism and this is the method that defines the alkalinity.

Actually, 95 percents of the cancers have been created in environments full of acid. This was proven and determined by the winner of a Nobel Prize- Doctor Otto Warburg. The best thing is that the cancer cannot develop further in a body with an alkaline system at the level of pH equal or bigger than 7.36.

The acids are related not only to cancer, but also to other diseases which are chronic –osteoporosis, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, etc. That is the reason why you need to increase the value of alkaline in your organism on a very fast and natural way.

All you need is:

Preparation process:

First you need to wash the ingredients and then cut them. The ginger needs to be peeled before that.  Put them in a small jar of water and leave it for the night. In the morning, you should strain the drink and consume it before you eat and throughout the day you should take the rest of the treatment.

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