Marijuana Company Wants To Pay You 36000$ A Year To Smoke Weed Daily


A MARIJUANA reviews site is looking to hire someone to smoke weed every day and will pay them up to $36,000 (£28,000) a year to do it.

The unusual job advert asks for someone who can sample and then write about “various weed strains, edibles to CBD oils”. say they are looking for someone who “can smoke” but also has “extensive knowledge” about the semi-legal drug.

In their hunt for someone to sample their products, they even claim to have approached celebrity stoners like Snoop Dogg and others.

Dwight Blake, 58, of Westbury, New York, who is coordinating the search said everyone he’s told about the opportunity so far has replied, “Count me in!”

He told The Sun online: “Everyone is going crazy about smoking weed.

“And getting paid to do just that (and a little more) makes it all the more alluring.

Everything that’s hot in the market, they will get to try it.

Dwight Blake, Of AmericanMarijuana.Org

As part of the prize, the reviewer can be paid up to $3,000 (£2,300) a month and will receive a treasure trove of weed-based goodies.

Dwight, a licensed medical health counsellor, told The Sun: “The cannabis products they will get to try range from various weed strains, edibles to CBD oils.

“Everything that’s hot in the market, they will get to try it.”

They are looking for someone who considers themselves “an influencer” in the industry.

It’s open to anyone over 18-years-old who is living in an America or Canada state where it is legal to smoke marijuana.

To apply candidates need to submit a short biography or their resume.

They also asked for either a head shot or a link to a 60 second video explaining why the candidate is passionate about marijuana.

Finally, the site asks the entrant to list six nicknames for marijuana, “so we know you’re taking this seriously” they wrote.

 The site have approached multiple celebrities including Snoop Dogg and others for their 'insight' too



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