Board approves PTSD as qualifying condition for medical marijuana


The Iowa Medical Cannabidoil Advisory Board has elected to add PTSD to its list of qualifying conditions.

The board met Friday to take public comments and make a decision on the matter, ultimately giving it the green light. There is a lot of support for the decision, even from medical professionals.

“The risks of untreated PTSD are numerous,” Dr. Lonny Miller, a medical practitioner, said in the public forum. “At the very least they live a miserable existence. At the very worst, they die. So, given the grave consequences of untreated PTSD and keeping in the spirit of the right-to-try legislation signed by Gov. Branstad in 2017, I’m going to put my support.”

Supporters say this is a huge step forward for Iowa’s medical marijuana program. With today’s move, the issue will go to another medical board for approval, according to leaders. Upon approval, Iowa would become the 28th state to approve PTSD as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana.



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