How to use your Cannabis Stems for Weed Edibles


Get the most out of your weed and reduce waste by putting your cannabis stems to good use. While smoking the stems is not an option, a great way to use them is to make weed edibles from it. All you need is cannabis stems, and lots of it. So next time you are rolling up a joint, save the stems and pile them up till you have a good amount.

For any use of stems in edibles, you first need to decarboxylate the stems. This allows the THC in stems to be activated. For the most effective results, use at least 1/4 Oz of cannabis stems.

Do this by evenly spreading out your stems on an oven tray, and baking them in an oven at 240F for 40 minutes. After this, your stems will be decarboxylated and ready to use to make a Cannabis tea, or even better a cannabis infusion that you can then use for any edibles you like.

Cannabis butter or oil from Stems

The process of making cannabis stems butter or oil is quite similar to making normal Weed butter, you will just need a lot more stems, because there is way less THC in stems than buds. The good thing is that it’s a lot cheaper than buds and you don’t have to infuse the butter or oil with the stems as long as normal cannabis butter or oil. To make cannabis stems butter/oil, follow the same process as the video below, but use at least 1/4 Oz stems and cut the infusion time in half.

Weed stems tincture

Cannabis tincture is a great choice of extraction if you want to start to make weed edibles. Using alcohol as a base, marijuana can be extracted and made into concentrated extracts called tinctures.

One of the main benefits of a tincture is that you can use it for a variety of weed edibles. Especially great for candies like we did in this video, and infused drinks, or you can even make Topical creams from it.

The recipe is called the Green Dragon Tincture and is very quick and easy to make. You will need decarbed cannabis stems and high proof alcohol like Everclear. Or take it to the next level and make cannabis stem sugar like in the video below. Just like with butter, you need a lot of stems. 1/4 Oz to 1/2 Oz of stems, so better start piling up.

Make edibles from it

Once you have a cannabis stem base like butter, oil or tincture, you can start making any edibles from it you like. We have a whole list of Edibles on our site. Click here for the full guide on How to make weed edibles



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