Indica vs. Sativa: Is it relevant in concentrates?


Cannabis oil is a space growing quicker than any other corner of the cannabis industry. Why? Well for starters it’s cleaner, more discrete, and can be technologically altered to serve a more specific purpose. I could go on and on. Although, what’s very important to understand, is what changes when you make the shift from smoking flower to vaping oil: it’s a whole other ball game.

Only a few months ago, I was that guy who avoided Sativa at all costs; I was a self-proclaimed ‘Indica Connoisseur’. Whether I was smoking flower or the occasional oil, I always had to make sure it was Indica. This was mostly because of a few bad experiences I had on Sativa; I was completely turned off by the strain. This all changed when I began working at Quanta Cannabis.

Quanta is a biotech company that uses its patented technology to energize specific molecules, like THC or CBD, in cannabis oil. What I learned in just my first few days would have completely changed by purchase habits for the past couple of years. Are you ready for this? IT DOESN’T MATTER.

You read that correctly. Once cannabis is condensed from the flower into an oil, the strain becomes indifferent. So why do companies still label their oil cartridges as Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid? So that you continue buying on a trend curve, which is tracked and utilized for the companies own benefit. If the company was honest, no label would be necessary; And if you were like me you would avoid buying for the fear it was a Sativa strain, or visa versa.

Cannabis oil is cannabis oil. The distillation process filters everything out other than the thc or cbd molecules. It’s essentially the same distillation process that alcohol goes through. Through this process, all strains become the same product. So next time you’re in a dispensary shopping for an oil, ignore the Sativa and Indica stickers, and focus on the THC and CBD percentages.

The higher the CBD the less psychoactive. The more THC, the more psychoactive the high will be. That’s really all that matters when talking oil.



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