A Cannabis Infused Capsule That Keeps You High And Hard


With the cannabis market expanding, companies are getting creative and developing products that have sometimes surprising uses. Cannamojo is a great example.

Cannamojo, The world’s first THC-infused male sexual enhancement capsule. By merging THC with a herbal blend called HardMojo that has been used successfully by more than 4 million customers. Cannamojo targets those that want to get high and hard.

This revolutionary cannabis product comes in capsule form and blends 10 MGs of distilled THC with an all-natural, proprietary blend. It is an cannabis infused capsule which is designed to enhance male experiences.

Founder & CEO Edward Naylon states that, “CannaMojo isn’t a cure for Erectile Dysfunction. It’s a party pill designed to turn the average player into an All-Star.”

A single CannaMojo capsule increases longevity & rigidity by increasing blood flow to the phallic region. Scientifically proven aphrodisiacs like Maca & Ginseng are CannaMojo’s core, natural ingredients. The 10 MGs of THC element present in a single CannaMojo heighten arousement and create a mind-blowing experience by releasing dopamine to receptors.

“We invented CannaMojo because we saw a void in the industry,” said marketing Director Barry Bard. “From Foria to Whoopi & Maya, there are plenty of feminine-centric options available at dispensaries. But we couldn’t think of any male-focused brands–so CannaMojo was born.”

The product affects consumers in about 30-40 minutes before a noticed increase in sexual appetite. The effects of ingesting its natural ingredients can last for days so your endorphins or “Mojo” stay activated without the high from THC.

“Every man wants the Mojo,” said Naylon. “Cannabis and sex are a match made in heaven. Why shouldn’t men have the same options women have?”


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