Autistic boy says his first words only 2 days after beginning treatment with cannabis


Who knew cannabis could one day come hand in hand with autism. New research shows the incredible link between the two and undeniable first-hand stories of how cannabis oil, also known as hemp oil, has improved autistic people’s lives in more ways than one.

A Little Bit About Autism

Autism diagnosis dates back to 1775 when a French physician wrote ‘Wild Boy of Avalon” (1), which showed many similarities to those who have autism. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) ranges from mild symptoms to quite severe ones; ‘Individuals with severe autism conditions may have the serious cognitive disability, sensory problems, and symptoms of extremely repetitive and unusual behaviors’ (2)

Around 1 in 68 8-year-old children are diagnosed with some form of autism.  Being such a common problem, and with such extreme side effects associated with autism, means scientists have been searching for ways to help adults and children ease the symptoms. Learn more about autism in the video below.

In recent years the use of cannabis oil for treating autism and other medical problems has been on the rise. And not surprisingly!

About Cannabis Oil

Cannabis has been used for many years, including in the 19th century in Great Britain where they used it as a sedative. Over the next years, restrictive laws on cannabis were put into place blaming the short shelf life mixed with the adverse effects of addiction and intoxication, (4).

Ways of extracting the important compounds of marijuana have been discovered- creating it into a digestible product.  This allows any of the excess substances found in cannabis to be removed, if not needed, as well as making an oil that can be used by a larger audience.

Cannabis contains cannabinoids which are one of the most useful components found in the raw product. Cannabinoids have been discovered to have positive effects on nausea, pain and increasing appetite (6). They have also been found to have relaxant and anti-stress properties. Here is everything you need to know about the use of cannabis for medicine.


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