Toronto Company Will Pay “Cannabis Connoisseurs” $50 an Hour to Sample Different Weed Strains


Mainstream attitudes toward cannabis are rapidly evolving. Legalization and medical uses for the drug mean that more people than ever before see the drug in a positive light.

Imagine seeing a person of Elon Musk’s standing doing this ten years ago:


(We know, he didn’t really inhale… But still.)

As the drug becomes more accepted the industry around it is set to well and truly explode. Statista puts the current value of the cannabis market at around $7 billion. But by 2025, it will be worth an estimated $24.1 billion.

This is a nascent industry and the race to dominance is on.

As the industry grows and new users are desperate to experience the best that the wonderful world of cannabis has to offer, a luxury market is beginning to develop.

This means that there’s a very intriguing job opportunity out there: a cannabis connoisseur. Oh yeah, and they get paid around $50 an hour.

The position has opened up at AHLOT, a company based in Toronto that needs help assessing the quality of different strains of cannabis produced across Canada. The connoisseurs join the panel of experts on the Cannabis Curation Committee.

Just over a couple of weeks remain until cannabis is legalized nationwide throughout Canada, so the race is one. The connoisseurs are expected to work around 16 hours per week and they also receive a bonus of $200 each month.

Not bad, eh?

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These are very exciting times indeed.


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